About Us

Our company actively proves its love for flowers for more than a century. We have managed to preserve the respect for our long tradition and at the same time evolve our family business, honoring all the contemporary needs and demands by adjusting to the customers’ desires.

Our primary scope is to maintain a high level of quality and aesthetics. We have evolved and moved forward by having this as our constant while at the same time we remain up to date with the latest trends in the local and international flower market.

Our expertise and dedication to lilies led us to found the first organized attempt of professional engagement with the specific kind of flower in Greece. Therefore innovation is one of the key elements for every professional step Planet Flower takes.

Our company owns a 30,000 square meter field in the beautiful island of Kos with a fully equipped state of the art installations for the cultivation and production of lilies, our central store in Ano Patissia and a branch in Athens’ Flower Market.
Our highly trained employees are characterized by their professionalism and expertise and are always at your disposal to answer any query you may have about lilies.

Our People

Planet Flower’s team is an integral part of our family. We have walked side by side with the members of our team all those years, considering them as our people. Characterized by their high level of professionalism and training the members of our team feel that Planet Flower is a part of what they are because they love what they do.