Our facilities

The Greek climate is especially favorable for the cultivation and production of lilies. The second generation of owners swiftly decided to take the next step in the company’s evolution process and focus on entrepreneurship in the flower market. This decision brought up the fundamental need for a larger piece of land than the initial one in Elefsina. The key element in finding the perfect spot was the existence of the ideal climate for growing lilies. Therefore, by the end of the 1970s, we chose the beautiful island of Kos to become our company’s base of operations, due to its lilies-friendly climate.

In a 30,000 square meters field, we built the first greenhouse in 1985 and the second one in 1988, both of them covering a 25,000 square meters of the field. We remain up to date with the latest trends in the international flower market and maintain top quality standards in the production of lilies that we offer to our collaborators. We have created the most updated and state of the art facilities in the Greek market so that today we can be proud of our products’ excellence. That is the reason we have selected to build glass greenhouses – without factoring in the extra cost – in order to ensure the maximum light permeability and most satisfactory insulation in comparison to plastic greenhouses.

The production process

We import our bulbs from The Netherlands in collaboration with the most trustworthy and reliable professionals in the field of bulbs’ production and trading so that we can have the ability to offer our collaborators top quality, flawless products.
The initially frozen bulbs are defrosted before cultivation – during their frozen state they are in a dormant state – and then planted. After ensuring the most ideal conditions inside the glass greenhouses the plants grow up to a height of one and a half meters, while they have a rich cluster with a multitude of stems.
The production process is year round with no distinction in terms of seasons and climate conditions –another advantage of the glass greenhouses – while our total cultivation is about 1.3 million bulbs per annum.