Our Story

The beginning

Planet Flower’s history began at the end of the 19th century when Georgios Klouvatos (the grandfather of the current owners) founded the namesake family flower business. In the 1950s the reigns of the family business were passed on the founder’s son, Antonios Klouvatos, who undertook the responsibility to move the company forward.

The “turn” to lilium

The addition of the dynamic and proactive Dimitrios Varthakouris as a member of our constantly evolving family business coincided with the transformation to its current form. At about the same time, innovation is introduced to Planet Flower’s business plan, when the owners decide to import the famous lilies from The Netherlands. Their decision opened up a new chapter to the company’s history as well as the Greek flower market.

Success comes shortly after the decision to focus on lilies. As the needs and the demands multiply by the end of the 1970s the company’s headquarters move from Elefsina to Kos, an island that boasts the ideal climate conditions for the cultivation and production of lilies. The first greenhouse is built in 1985 and a second one in 1988 in a 30,000 square meters field, 25,000 square meters of which are nowadays covered by glass greenhouses.

The evolution

The new generation

After building on these steady foundations that fulfill all the necessary requirements for the company’s constant evolution and development, the owners passed on the reigns to the third generation 1992. At that point, Georgios Klouvatos junior and Giannis Varthakouris take over the task to uphold the family tradition by solidifying the company’s place in the Greek market and set the bar higher than ever before.

A century later

In 2005 the family business known as Georgios Klouvatos changed its name to Planet Flower and dynamically entered the international flower market. By contacting foreign buyers the company managed to establish collaborations with professionals and export its products to almost all the countries in the Balkans’ region, making a decisive leap forward in the evolution of Planet Flower.