Partnership Program

Everyone at Planet Flower places great attention to nurturing the relationship with our partners. We are always eager to cater to their needs, be punctual and consistent in regards to our obligations and respond promptly and swiftly to their wishes.

Our company’s perspectives have altered in the last few years mainly due to the fact that our long-term experience in the flower market, and especially in the field of lilies, affords us the ability to set higher targets, which we can achieve easier.
Our partners remain on our side through the years and their trust drives us to set the bar even higher.

That is the reason why we can be proud today for opening up to the international market, contacting foreign buyers and establish fruitful collaborations with professionals of the flower market from all over the Balkans.
Our establishment in the international flower market came as a result of our hard and consistent work, our persistence in the provision of top quality services, as well as the professionalism that defines all our endeavors.

Planet Flower is constantly evolving and always searching new means of partnership, while it comes up with the solution to any kind of problem that comes up.

If you too want to become a partner with Planet Flower just contact us and will make sure you receive all the answers you need and clarify any query you may have.