Preservation tips

Lilies, as well as all the flowers that have been cut, remain alive and continue to grow even inside a vase. Follow the useful advice laid below to offer your flowers maximum longevity.

  • Always place your lilies in a clean vase and use clear water. This way you reduce the risk of growing germs, which may halt your flowers’ growth, as they block the stem’s vessels.

  • Cut the stem diagonally and immerse the flower into the water immediately. If you stall just a little bit you may block the stem’s vessels again, due to the fact that cutting triggers a reaction sequence when the “wound” remains exposed.

  • See that the stem leaves are not immersed in the water. In case they are immersed, cut them from the flower up to the water level.

  • Prefer to place them in a vase filled with cold water. Warm water is harmful for flowers. Avoid the use of lukewarm water, because it has been noted that in may cause harm to some kinds of plants.

  • Replenish the water every two to three days and cut the stem, because after two days it is blocked and isn’t able to absorb the water.

  • Place the vase in a sunlit spot, but not directly facing the sun, because the flowers may wither.

  • Don’t place the flowers in low temperature. Bear in mind that in subzero temperatures it takes only a few seconds for them to wither.

  • Extremely high temperatures are proven to be equally damaging.

  • If you want to achieve the maximum life span for your lilies – that is 10-20 days – add in the vase some food supplement, which at the same time halts the growth of germs. Keep in mind that during winter time the lilies life span is more extensive, due to the fact that they blossom later on.

  • You should remove carefully the pollen from the lilies flower, as it is easy to amass and hard to get rid of.